Sunday, June 17, 2012

A clear day in rainy season

On Sunday morning, I traveled to Oyama City, to see an exhibition Cantos Familia by Jun Itoi at Kurumaya Museum of Art. I was wonderful indeed for both work wise and exhibition wise. As a city museum, which has a mission in may ways, to present art for citizens while engaging the context of contemporary art. The museum curator, I work with last year for my project which was hosted by the museum, considers and experiments as much she can at any situations for the museum, and beyond. (it is shame that I don;t have a picture with me here, I was too focused to see things there... but probably it is really good for people to actually visit there. The show ended already, but her next curated show will start in September.)
The visit was a great reminder for myself that there are people in the art world who challenge everyday what they can contribute to art, by re-evaulating things and rethinking approaches constantly. They are indeed always in the process.
The owner of the land where the museum is located love flowers. She gave me her favourite seasonal flowers. The bunch made a sweet link between where I traveled in the morning and where I returned in the afternoon, where I had other travellers visiting Youkobo.
My friend curator from Melbourne is now traveling Japan with her daughter. We were once belong to a group of researchers who related a scholar at Melbourne University. She pays wonderful attention to the process which an artist takes to get some achievement or finalised artwork, in considering the social and artistic contexts where the artist was/is. Now that she has moved on, from being national museum curator to an freelance curator, her focus is now creating pathway for artists to archive their processes to the level or public cultural heritage (if I can express in this way)
I wonder how she saws the process in the gallery and also the support which youkobo provides for artists to spend hours in studio.
Her daughter, who gave an kind and caring company to her visiting my work, is in early 20s, has very long way to process her life.
Just before they were off to the next destination, coincidentally they paused in front of the wall paint done by school kids at 'momoshi' elementary school next door. 
At any stage of our life, you can always find the dream toward which we live a life as a journey, everyday there will be a new encounter, I hope to think so.

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