Thursday, June 14, 2012

Testing space and time

I have been testing the mapping the space for the project.
On the floor, I put a black tape (not sticky, so movable) and black rings as a indicator of time and space (Space.....the gallery is  16 Tatami mattress space. Time..... so I can use 2 mattress sized space for 1 week or 1 usage, we have a 5 weeks in total for the work in progress period. the rest of 3 spaces can be used for information space including showing blog on PC screen and info about artists / interaction space where audience may just sit or do something / utako's construction space for installation equipment. The indicators are movable, and the position or size can be changable.

The wall space is now still undecided, It may follow what is happening on the floor but may not. will see..
So far, The pillow book for Elizabeth's reading session, digital photo frame for thea's moving image and a plinth like shelf for Gaku's work are set, temporarily.

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  1. Utako, it looks great! I can't wait to see how the space evolves over the next weeks...