Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gazes and Voices 4

Though it is Wednesday, in a middle of weekdays, a few people visited to the project. Interestingly everyone was a woman, then I first time paid attention to the fact that the exhibitors are also all woman. I did not intend to become so, and don't have motive to talk anything about being woman from feminism point of view and such. If I have some thought in my mind in relation to art, I sometime remember what the poet, Rilke wrote in his letter to a young woman. (here I quote in Japanese, till I find the good translation in English...)
If the text refers nature to describe about the ideal state for woman, I relate this text as an artist. The artistic activities of either making or looking at art gives a space and time to be in such a place for returning and being completed circle of being oneself.

Thank you for today's visitors: Afriend since my elementary school, now as a mother who continues to work for woman's cosmetic. A lady who lives in the area and likes going around galleries, spent time at the gallery and the lounge space. An artist whose artwork and perspectives resonate with me as probably she also belongs to some between space. Friends from art industry, who supported me to realize a large project last year, are very special as they can professionally help artists' making process so well.

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