Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Elizabeth writes and works in Tokyo

Next day, Elizabeth made herself "familiar to these new materials for installation, which Utako brought into the space. She says "you keep working and you know what to do with it."
She also wrote a new story for her work, which Utako then translated, as it follows.
The text will be silk screen printed, by Kuriya Graphic tomorrow, to linen tea towels which Elizabeth brought from Melbourne.

Things that look ordinary but become extraordinary - when feeling sad about leaving for Japan I notice a small black spot on the white sheets of my bed. It turns out to be a little mole shed during the night from the back of a gentleman. When picking it up on my finger-tip and placing it in my pocket before departing for the airport, I remember earlier this monthseeing the planet Venus as a little black spot crossing the sun. How extraordinary that a small black spot should become a sign of love.
「普通に見えるけれど、特別になるもの」 ̶ 日本に行くので悲しかった時、私 のベットに黒い小さな点があるのに気付いた。夜の間に、彼の背中から落ちた黒 子だと分かった。空港に向かう前、指先で拾って私のポケットに忍ばせた時、月 初めに太陽の前を金星が黒い点になって通り過ぎて行くのを思い出した。黒い点 が愛の印になるなんて、何て特別なの。

On the train into Tokyo I notice everywhere bed-clothes hanging over balconies to catch the morning sun. I wonder if in Japan each morning it rains little black spots and other things shed from the bodies of lovers.

In Shinjuku at a book store I notice on the cover of a book, a small black spot on a women’s dress. Utako tells me it is a book about ghosts. Stepping outside, the rain leaves dark spots on my grey silk dress.
東京に向かう電車の中から、そこら中で寝具がバルコニーに朝の光を浴びて干さ れているのが見えた。日本では、毎朝、恋する者達の体から零れ落ちる皮膚が黒 い雨となって降るのかもしれない、なんて想像しちゃう。
新宿の本屋で、表紙の女性の服に黒い小さな点がある本を見つけた。詩子が、幽 霊についての本だと教えてくれた。外に出ると、私のグレーのシルクのドレスに 雨が黒いシミを残した。

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