Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Work in Progress: Week 4 (wall, extended)

After getting a feedback from a local person on Sunday, I was kept thinking how to develop the project. I saw an exhibition on Monday at the renowned art university in Tokyo. An exhibitor told me that she was advised to think how well she is understanding the characteristic of the space, in relation to her installation piece.
Wednesday, I came back to work.
If there are spaces in the gallery, my bodily space as an installer, and the actually body of work, and physicality of the exhibition space.Images and texts on the works are important and needs to be presented in a proper way.
The question of how to create the relationship between the wall, floor and ceiling, without relying on conventional display methods.
One way of approaching this was to use materials that are pre-existing in the area. I found sticks, strings, ladder and empty bos. It is interesting that some of materials shows the specificity of site. Being in Japan was indicated by Takoito, Japanese thick string very strong, hinoki stick, the kind of wood in Japan which smells wonderful. Or Empty box, no longer used by residency artists, becomes a low table.

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