Sunday, June 17, 2012

Works in progress: Week 1

Thea's work (post card sent from Berling to Youkobo. Video work filmed at Berline to be shared through Drop Box with Utako). The time lag and the intervention of someone's time in distant are merged in the gallery. Let me now the special thanks to my partner who fixed the problems with playing the movie at Digital Photo Frame.
Elizabeth has sent me her own text inspired by Seishonagon's Pillow Book. She sends a photo associated with her text via email. She will also bring her sculptural piece into the work. She will have Night Reading at Youkobo this Friday and Saturday. 

Gaku up-loaded her Art Manga at her website. She also give a receiver the instruction how to construct her Mange into a sculpture. While she keeps working on her weekly Art Manga in New York, I will work on figuring out it this Wednesday. it is like a separate gift appended to a cartoon magazine which I used to buy every month in my youth :)
  Utako records what is happening in and outside of her studio. Drawing trace the shadow of her corrected nature inside associated with someone she knows while the photo captures the movement of nature with which someone unknown interact without conscious.

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