Saturday, June 30, 2012

art in environment: Melbourne and Tokyo

Melbourne (left)
Elizabeth's practicing her Japanese writing in her office at CFI.
The window view from the former Drawing dep. studios.
Thea's work 2009 on outside wall of VCA Studios.
Tokyo (right)
Gallery Info in Japanese: Work in progress is Open to Public.
A street view, outside of Youkobo Studios and Gallery.
Thea's postcards and video-cards are on test display.

One of conceptual aspects of the project, Living Everyday by Art, is to connect everyday working
environments from different sites in the world. It is to propose the idea that whenever you are, artists make things and can put it on display, anywhere is possible really, if you wish for it to be happened. Artist can not only make art but also put it out in the world. Once it is put in the world, it can communicate with others beyond the makers intentions. That is simply wonderful. Attempting creating such an occasion. I am putting the project up in youkobo gallery, everyday, and opening the process every weekend to the public.

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