Saturday, July 21, 2012

Gazes and Voices 2

NOREN is an old style screen in Japan, made out of fabric, to be set outside of shops and businesses. It is a sign of 'we are open'. Elizabeth, when she was visiting Tokyo, found many of them in the neighborhood. a few She noticed a kind of gaze which this screen creates with its slit between sections and its height.

The entrance of youkobo is glass door, however, the surface reflects daylight so it makes it difficult to see inside from outside. Noren is a good tool as it allows the door to be kept open but still keep the inside separate from outside. Welcoming yet differentiating areas simultaneously. Elizabeth print her text piece on Linen at Silk screen workshop and stitched them to be used as Noren.

I had a hesitation to hang Elizabeth artwork outside for several reasons but, Tatsuhiko, co-director of youkobo, taught me the fact that it has to be hang outside, people might think that we are closed! This advice I felt very typical of Tatsuhiko. He always think not from his side but from the other party side. You clarify first what you want to achieve, then consider best way to do so in relation to the other parties who would receive it.

An old couple (my parent) visited and advised on the distance between each section in relation to its length and the nature of gallery. Their suggestion was to open the gab between sections wider so people can or become wanting to see inside to find out what it is. They don't have art background so they speak on behalf of those who are not used to come to gallery. As I was interested in the idea of experience of art is offered as a part of people's everyday life, their advices become precious.

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