Sunday, July 8, 2012

Walk in. Walk out.

The forth week of open work in progress, a couple walked into the space. She soon got the idea of work in progress. They walked in as if they popped into shop during having a date. Nishiogikubo is indeed a great spot for wondering and going for a walk to find something unique. 
As an artist and staff member of youkobo, I often feel that the location specificity of Youkobo art space can be considered more, in my opinion, by exhibitors and those who are part of the space. The door can be open wider to the potential visitors.
The artists who joined the exhibition this time all makes work in response to their everyday life. That was part of the intentions of the project to test how to make the youkobo art space gallery accessible for those who are in the moment of living their everyday life. 

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