Sunday, July 15, 2012

Work in Progress: Week 5

Sunday, while the set up was happening right there, drilling, cutting, nailing, a visitor with a nice summer hat walked into. During the work in progress period, It was surprising for me to find how natural for most people to see a work-in-progress. Before I started this project, I was afraid of the project not being not enjoyed or even understood, in thinking people commonly likes the finished and finalised works. But it was likely wrong assumption. It seems that the idea of sharing process, viewing process are very much welcomed, even in a gallery context, (of course, it depends on the direction of a gallery, and the kinds of audiences they have). I just appreciated a opened minded people who live or visit the area where Youkobo is. also to youkobo which give me the apportunity to experiment. and artists who got on the board together.

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